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Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2021
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QUO VADIS Life Sciences conference
Aufrufe : 80
This event will consist of: XII Polish Chromatography Conference (PKChrom 2021), XIII International Scientific Conference Ion Chromatography and Related Techniques 2021 (IC 2021) and II International Conference on Ion Analysis (ICIA2021). All conferences are a continuation of the centres’ long tradition aimed at presenting the latest achievements in the field of separation sciences, chromatography, related techniques, MS, sample preparation, application, speciation analysis, biologically active compounds, methods validation; environmental sciences, water, wastewater, sediment, soil, air, modelling, green chemistry/technology; ion forms determination, inorganic & organic pollutants, xenobiotics, toxicity, food, etc.

23. - 27.06.2021 , Opole, PL