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Samstag, 21. Juli 2018
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Vibrational Spectroscopy - Gordon Research Conference
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The Vibrational Spectroscopy conference brings together experimentalists and theoreticians working at the frontiers of modern vibrational spectroscopy. It focuses on spectroscopies that probe the structures, dynamics, reactivity, and environments of molecules in gases, clusters, aerosols, liquids, and solid materials, and at the interfaces between different phases. The conference covers a wide range of cutting-edge techniques based on observation or simulation of vibrational motions. These techniques span time-domain, frequency domain, spatially resolved, non-linear and multi-dimensional spectroscopies. The conference highlights the application of these techniques in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, medicine, the environment, and functional materials, as well as the development of theoretical and computer simulation methods to connect spectroscopic signatures to the motions of molecules and their interactions with their surroundings.

Biddeford, USA, 29.07. - 03.08.2018


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